This is a strange thing to write about and sounds a bit boring but I have been thinking about this for a while as I need to get my life into a bit more order and I think that routines will help me do this. My life is very disordered and some simple routines may help me feel that I am getting back in control and help me to do ‘normal’ things again. I have been focusing a lot this year into getting back to work and have found that planning and routines have really helped me. Work life is more structured so it has made it easier for me to set up new routines. I plan what I am going to do each week at work, making sure that I cover all my tasks. It has gone really well doing this and it also helps with my memory as I come into work each day and know just what I will be doing. The problem is that I have none of these routines at home and things are not being done. Before my injury my week was planned into routines and I would know what to do each day to maintain myself and my home. I have lost the purpose of these routines now. I know things need to be done but have no real motivation to do them most of the time. I end up leaving it too long and everything ends up being done on the same day which is very tiring. That happened yesterday and I spent most of the day organising, planning and sorting out different things in my life. Each morning I need to remember to plan what I am going to have for dinner that day but most days I forget. It is such a simple thing to do. I know I should put an alarm on my phone that will remind me each morning to do this but I just don’t do it. It needs to become a routine for me to look in the cupboards each morning to see what is there. I don’t have much of a house now but what I have needs cleaning but I always forget what I have to do. I know I have to be more organised and these new routines will start to become more natural. Perhaps I need to take some time over the Christmas break and try to set up some routines. I will stop now as I want to put an alarm on my phone to remind me about my dinner in the morning. The only problem with that is when I do look I can’t decide what I want!

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