I have been told that I am risk adverse and after thinking about it, I think this is true. The person who said this also said that in life I had taken on a role which did not stretch me. I have been analysing my life a lot over the last year and it has become obvious to me that I had made my life very stress free. I would just say no to things that would seem hard to me. I just didn’t want to put myself under any stress I suppose. I made my life easy and simple. I guess you get stuck in a rut and this makes things much easier. The problem now is that my life has turned upside down and it is not so simple. I would describe it as very stressful and hard. It is strange but most times I don’t really mind it. Whenever something comes around that I may have said no to before or not tried, I try to say yes or try it. This is good as it has made my life much more interesting. My life used to be boring. I guess I didn’t mind it being boring as that is what I was aiming for. I guess when you experience a life and death situation you realise that you really should live life to the fullest and embrace everyday as you just don’t know if it will be your last. Hopefully I have a lot more days ahead of me and I will try to carry on doing new and exciting things where possible. I no longer need to keep calm and carry on.

One thought on “Keep calm and carry on

  1. I like this post – live life and enjoy what we can. it’s taken me a while to get there but I think I’m there now to taking a few more risks and saying yes more than no , well hopefully! A good way to just embrace all we can x


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