I was sitting at my desk at work and thinking about this. I was doing a task that I did before I got my brain injury. It is the only task at work that I used to do that I still do now. The things that I do at work now have changed, I think I have called them menial tasks. This task though is not menial and it feels good to do it. For some reason today I was thinking about two years ago when I was recovering from my illness. If I was at work I would of been doing this task and I started to imagine that it was two years ago, nothing had happened and I was just carrying on as normal. It is easy for me to do, just sitting at my desk taping on my keyboard but I have to get up from my desk and when I do this I have to go back to reality. I did a lot of thinking today and I wondered if I would actually like this ‘imagining’ to be true. To go back to normal, nothing would have happened. Honestly, I don’t think that I would like this. The last two years have been completely different. I say that my life was pretty boring and now it definitely not boring. I wouldn’t say it is easy but it is more interesting. Every day I seem to do something different or try something different. To think that I would not have met all the people I have met over the last two years is a bit scary. I have met so many wonderful people, people that I wouldn’t have met if nothing had happened. So I don’t want to get back to normal, I think this is a good, positive way for me to think. I am looking forward now, there is nothing I can do to change the past so should I stop thinking about it? There is something that I keep thinking about that is driving me a bit crazy but I will write about this in another post.

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