Being a paramedic must be an amazing but hard job to do. From day to day you just don’t know what you will encounter on your shift. Some calls can be boring, some can be complex and some can be lifesaving. Today I meet my lifesaver. She said it was a team effort but the report say she performed the CPR and defibrillation shocks so she is my lifesaver. It was great to meet up with someone who can give me the medical side of the story as my family, I feel have sugarcoated it a bit. Of course it was a couple of years ago and even though she didn’t really remember me she remembers the incidence. I wanted to meet her and just thank her for saving my life. I imagine that there are not many occurrences where someone can do this. The last time she saw me I was at my worst and it must be great for her, despite some problems, to see that I am alive and living my life. We talked about how my life has changed now and she encouraged me to live each day to the maximum. I ensured her that I have been trying to do this. I was also able to talk to her about the heart condition that I have. I was very lucky as they recognised that I was having a heart attack, but many people are being undiagnosed and dying. I passed the information onto them and hopefully they will be able to educate fellow paramedics about the condition. I also told them something that I have been told to say. Over the last two years 150 people have been told how to do CPR where I work. If they hadn’t saved my life this would not of happened, so saving my life may help to save others. Hopefully more lives will be saved.

One thought on “Lifesavers

  1. That’s absolutely amazing and incredible that you have been able to ensure all those people have been trained to save lives , you are incredible your alive and living life despite the difficulties this has caused you. How amazing to be able to meet your life safer. wishing you continued growth, discovery, enjoyment and peace in your new life x

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