I think about it all the time. After I sustained my brain injury I changed a lot. Some of the changes have been bad but some of them have been good. I would say that I am a lot more confident now. I like having this new found confidence as it helps me do so much more now. Everyday I feel like doing something different or new. The problem with this is that most of the time you need someone to be with you or be there to help you. I used to be a person who never tried something new or different and I guess usually when you get older there are less opportunities to do this. I am not that old. I have realised now that although I have changed and my life has changed, all of the people around me are just the same. They haven’t had their life changed, they are just the same people that they were and it must be difficult for them to understand this ‘crazy’ lady who now wants to do everything or try everything. They still wake up in the same bed every morning, eat the same breakfast, in the same house. I feel a bit like an outsider looking in. I can see life carrying on the same and I feel a bit out of place, an impostor. I know I go on about it a lot but Headway is great for me as I don’t feel like a impostor there I am just one of the ‘gang’. I guess they didn’t know me before, just after. I am treated as the person I am now, not the person I was before. I don’t feel like an impostor, on the outside looking in.

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