I would never think about mental health until I had a problem with it. Luckily we live in a world today where it is much easier to talk about it. But everyone is different and don’t always react in a way we would like. It is so easier to go out on social media and just write something horrible and click on send. You may no longer think about it and carry on with your day but someone may be hurt by just a few words. You may say sorry but it doesn’t really make up for it as it will still be in someones memory. I say it is good that I don’t have short term memory now. I feel like I can just remember the important things. I have been very lucky as throughout the last few years people have been very kind to me. One time someone was not and it is this that sticks in my head. Not all the wonderful things people have done for me. Just the one horrible thing that someone said to me. The person hasn’t apologised and this kind of makes it worse. I completely understand how someone can be struck down by a single comment forgetting all the nice ones. If someone does open up and tell you something that may be quite personal to them, a mean comment won’t help. If you can’t help try to find someone who can, just be kind. I love to hug now and would recommend it daily! If you don’t want to hug, just smile as just a simple thing can help and the person will not feel quite alone. Just remember  “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

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