I think I have written about learning skills again and I have been trying quite hard to relearn and understand basic maths skills. I don’t really remember how good my skills were before my injury but they are pretty bad now. In daily life I don’t really need to know many maths stills but I just have an urge to relearn the ones I feel I need to be better at. Over the last year I have built up a pile of school aged maths books and from time to time I feel the urge to look at them and attempt to remember how to do them. Of course when you start a book, the questions are really easy but the further in you progress the skills gets harder. This is usually when I give up and do something different, usually watching TV. A lot of the time I lack motivation to do it but when I do I can’t stop and really enjoy doing it, even though it is getting harder now I am getting further into the books. I was never good at the times tables and I guess it is good to refresh my old brain. People will probably say to me that they can’t remember any of the maths they learnt at school and it doesn’t really matter. My sister is a teacher and today I grilled her about what factors are. I can’t remember learning this in school and don’t know what I will need this knowledge for. But I felt like a child asking someone something so basic and at the beginning struggling with it. At least now I can complete the page in my maths book and more onto to the next bit. I have been struggling with this bit for months. I guess I shouldn’t be worried about asking what seem stupid questions. As one person has said to me no question is stupid and I have many to ask.

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