I remember when I was a teenager I watched a film where this quote was made famous. I never though about it but I have been thinking about it recently. I suppose a life and death situation makes it more real for you. I had to look up exactly what it means to make sure that I understand it. It basically means seize the day. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today as tomorrow may never come. I know it sound a bit morbid and quite impossible to do in normal life. It is impossible to do everything you want to do in a single day. I have noticed though that in the last year I have wanted to do so many things. I was never like that, I never seemed to want to do much. Well that may be a bit untrue as I have done quite a lot of stuff but not day to day things. Now I seem to want to do everything and it is a bit strange. Perhaps my self control is not so good now, a bit childlike. When I childs want to do something they want to do it NOW. I feel like that sometimes. Instead of being childlike perhaps I am trying to do everything I want to do as soon as possible as in my head I just don’t know if tomorrow will be experienced. Everyday now I seem to see something that I want to do, it takes a lot of time organising and money. I think I have written about this before, I have changed but everyone around me are just the same. I may be overenthusiastic about things but everyone else is just the same. That is not a problem but it just makes it hard to do the things I want to do. I think I just need to think to myself that there is not a rush to do everything. There is no need to be spontaneous, I did this once and it nearly killed me!

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