Over the last few weeks I have been trying to write positive blog posts. It has been difficult as it is hard to think of good things to write about. The world now has changed and can I say more depressing. I admit that everything has been depressing for me. I am sure that no one really wants to read these types of posts. I have been thinking about stopping writing but I find it really helps, as it gets what I am thinking out of my head. Now we are distancing ourselves from each other there is more reason to keep in touch. I have always found it hard to talk to people, I take a bit of time to warm up. Once I start typing I am often amazed at what comes out. It is very therapeutic. Modern technology makes it so much easier to stay in touch. I would never use anything such as Face Time and never heard of Zoom. It now seems natural to use this technology to stay in touch. I am using Face Time to talk to my counselor on Saturday which will be a bit strange. I still go to Headway every week and we have virtual sessions via Zoom which are great. But every week of the lock down things start to get a bit harder. Being stuck in our homes all the time, after a while is in itself isolating, even if you are not self isolating. It was good to see our neighbours out of the street this evening clapping the NHS workers. The first week we did this it was amazing, although there are not many people on my street, I could hear from all the streets around me people clapping, beeping horns in their cars. This week, although we came out again and clapped, the noise around us was not so great. It seems like people are beginning to shut themselves away, they are not so willing to get outside and join in. I have been thinking about stopping writing. If I can’t always be positive, people won’t want to read it. I find watching the TV now is hard as everything is doom and gloom. Like I have said writing my blog helps so perhaps I will still write my posts, write about how I am feeling, but not publish them. I was watching the Queen film the other night and Freddie was singing, ‘don’t stop me now’, but maybe I should stop for the moment, I don’t know.

One thought on “Don’t stop me now

  1. I’ve been sewing a bit I hadn’t done this for a while in fact not till this week from over two months ago I was a bit reluctant to see but my sewing teacher pinged through a link to make laundry bags and headbands for nhs staff in hospitals. So I took the chance and joined this 3 county wide group of sewers to make these items and yesterday I finished my first 10 headbands not without many hitches and constant texts to sewing teacher but I’ve done them and the lady who collected them was over the moon. So I’ve realised even though this group is huge and very confusing with the help of my friendly teacher and my sewing machine in my way my 10 bands have helped 10 nurses. So your blog however hard sometimes and remember if your feeling low then perhaps your followers are too so it’s ok to feel like that that’s good for others to know too and by you talking about this is helping your followers in the huge middle of what’s going on your blog is our headband helping us. Please keep going as long as you can you often make sense of our muddled minds xx 😘


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