I used to struggle with this when I was in recovery. It really didn’t matter in the beginning as I wasn’t really part of normal life. Now that I am I still get occasions when I am unsure what day it is. As life has changed again I am noticing it a lot more. When life is normal everyday is built up of routines. You probably don’t realise this but from the moment you wake up in the morning you are following your own routines. You get up at the same time every morning, have a shower, have your breakfast, brush your teeeth, get dressed and go out of the door to work. All this is a routine. We struggle when this routine is broken up and I think probably everyones daily routine has broken over the last few weeks. We are now setting up new routines and they can be hard. I have been WFH for about three weeks now and I think today was the first day when I felt like I knew what I was doing. The good thing about working from home is that you don’t have to get up so early in the morning. The problem can start though even before you get out of bed. My alarm goes off and I think to myself, ‘what day is it’. It seems silly but when your routine has been broken or changed it can be very confusing. This week it was a bank holiday so no work on Monday and I don’t work on Tuesday. This really messed with my head today, I keep thinking it was Monday. You would think that as the day went on I would rememeber that it is Wednesday but I am still very confused. It has made me realise how much I rely on these simple routines. I get frustrated so much easier nowadays and not being able to remember what day it makes me feel really stupid. I have been told just to slow down and not to be hard of myself. We are living through difficult times and everyone is struggling with it. I know I do push myself too hard but I think that this is good as it pushes me forward. I guess it doesn’t really matter that I don’t remember what day it is. Being safe and healthy matters more.

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