I never like watching the adverts on the TV. We are lucky nowadays as our TV’s allow us to fast forward through them. This only works if you are watching a recording or catch up but that is what I do most of the time nowadays. I am surprised though at how the ads have changed so much over the last couple of months. They all seen to focus on the ‘crisis’ we are having. They are really nice ads and focus on things such as looking after people, how to look after people and how we are looking out for people. I am going to have a moan though as these are relentless. Now I am WFH I am listening to lots of the radio and they are just endless and repetitive. Every ad break seems to be the same set of ads. They are from the bank, from the supermarkets and health services. I know you are probably saying to just turn it off but I like listening to the music and talk as it doesn’t make me feel so isolated, distant from what is going on. I have been told by my counsellor has told me not to over watch the news and to just watch what you usually do. I am moaning about the radio and ads but I have to say that everything on the TV now seems to be virus based as well. I think now I need to change my listening habits and try to listen to the pile of CDs I have. I said ‘Alexa’ play Queen this afternoon and this was great! All these messages on the ads are great but I think we do need to switch off sometimes. It will give us time to listen to great music, watch great films (on your laptop), read or listen to great books. And remember to stay safe!

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