A new word has recently been added into my vocabulary – furloughed. I had never used it before and I don’t really like saying in. It has been added to my list of words that I hate saying. When I first heard it, it I thought it was a word made up by the government! Anyway I don’t want to use this post to talk about the origin of this annoying word! I have two weeks of furlough ahead of me and I really want to embrace the opportunity that I have been given to do ‘stuff’ that I have been putting off over the last year. Nothing challenging just things that I really want to get done or just to try. I moved house over a year ago and I still have boxes in a wardrobe that haven’t been looked at yet. I think when I moved I didn’t really want to think about leaving my old lovely house so it was just easier to shove everything in a wardrobe and try to for get about it. I think now I am ready to sort through things and maybe through away things I really don’t need anymore. I have had a look at what is there and I already have three big piles of paperwork that probably just needs shredding. I am not looking forward to looking at documents that are part of my old life. The letters are going to all have my old address on them. It is going to be hard to shred all of these things but I guess I will have to try. I may have to ask my family to help me do this. I think I wrote ages ago before I moved about sorting things out in my old shed. It felt like I had died and this what my family would of had to do, to sort through all my bits and get rid of them. I was annoyed when I moved as I was convinced that they had thrown away something from my living room as I couldn’t find it anywhere. We would make a joke about it and they would deny throwing it away. After a year they finally admitted throwing it away. I knew they had thrown it away without asking me but they just say that I don’t remember saying that they could. That annoys me more as they are just using my poor memory to cover up what they did. Part of me does think though, did they ask me? I always say that I remember the important things and I wouldn’t have told them to through anything away as I needed to keep everything. Only after over a year do I feel that I have the strength to throw things away. One good thing about sorting through things is that I am finding lots of things that I forgot that I had and I am putting them around the house. Hopefully I will finally feel like this is my house now.

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