I have only realised recently that I am a perfectionist. Maybe it was more apparent to people around my but I didn’t recognise it myself. I think I only really noticed when I started not to be so ‘perfect’. Someone said that I had created a life that was not challenging and this made me think why I had done that. When you don’t challenge yourself things are not so hard to do and I guess it would look like you could do it well. I guess everyone can be perfect at something that is not hard to do. I had never thought about this before but I guess now that I am rearranging my life I am thinking more about theses things. I don’t know if it was a good thing for someone to say that my life was unchallenging? I saw this life as OK but I suppose others may think that it was strange. I guess being a perfectionist is not wrong. I have been doing a lot of sorting through things in the last couple of weeks. Doing this, putting everything in it right place has made me feel grounded and happy. Before I didn’t know where most of my things were but now they are in the right place. I have a big wardrobe that is full of many different things. It has been sorted and tidied and, it is a bit sad, but I like to open it up and just look at how neat and tidy it is. There is nothing wrong with this as it makes me feel happy. I look around the house now and sometimes I think to myself that something small is not in the right place. Like today the soap in the toilet was not in the right place and had to move it a few centimetres over to the side. I have written this week about being happy now and I think one of the things that have made me happy is being a perfectionist again.

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