One of the things that I loved to do was to read a book. Every lunchtime at work I would sit and read my book. I don’t do this anymore, I don’t get a lunch break anymore for one thing. I can’t remember if I enjoyed reading or if I just did for something to do at lunch. I think I must of done though as I seem to have loads of books on my shelves that I have read. Part of me thinks that I should get rid of them all now as there is no chance of reading them again. I think I would like to read them again but at the moment I just can see myself doing it. At Headway I have some goals which most of them have been reached to a point. The goal that I was really trying to achieve was to read a book again. As I have just said though I don’t feel that I can read a full sized book anymore. The ones I have on by book shelf. I have become a lover of audio books and listen to them every night to get to sleep. But I actually wanted to read a book again. Luckily there are a large number of short stories that have been published recently. These are easier to read as they only have about 100 pages, still quite a lot but feasible if you find the right story. I like listening crime dramas so I managed to find a couple that focused crimes. With help from Headway I set up a plan with the aim to read these books. I am very pleased that I have managed to read one of the books I brought. I have to choose the right time of day and try not to read too much at a time. After even fifteen minutes my concentration goes and I don’t take things in so much. I try to read just a couple of chapters at a time. The good thing with short stories the chapters are quite short so a couple of chapters is only about ten pages. One thing that I have found with short stories is that because the story is short, the story line moves so quickly. In a normal fiction book, at the beginning several chapters are taken up introducing the main characters and building up the plot line. With a short story you don’t have the pages to do this so when you start reading you are straight into the story. This can be good and bad. Complicated plots are hard for me to follow now and my poor memory makes it hard to remember what I have read. I have read one of the book, using all the methods. It was a good book but I didn’t really enjoy reading. I liked doing the reading but like I have said the story moved very fast. It was a crime drama and after just the first twenty pages four of the characters were dead, quite brutally as well. By the end of the story all the ‘good’ characters were dead and the ‘bad’ characters got away with it. It was pretty full on for the hundred pages. Although I didn’t really enjoy the story line it really enabled me to keep reading. I am glad it was a short story as I don’t think I would have lasted if it was any longer. It made me feel really good though to be able to say that I have read a whole book, the first one for a couple of years. Perhaps in time I will be able to replace all the books currently on my book shelves with new ones that I can remember reading.

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