I realise that memory is a problem for me now but I am getting better. I have learnt things that I can use to help with my memory. I have good days and bad days and factors such as fatigue do make it hard sometimes. I am aware that my memory is better now but it is hard to make people around me realise that it is not as bad now. One thing that really annoys me is when you say you don’t remember a person saying or doing something they just look at you in a way that says ‘she doesn’t remember’. They don’t accept that they may have made a mistake or not told me. I get into arguments with family members now who say something to me that I deny knowing. They don’t want to argue so they just give me a face which is just as annoying. They just think that her memory is bad and she doesn’t remember. The thing is, my memory is bad but I have found that when something is important I do remember it. It is a good way to cope. If something is unimportant or doesn’t need remembering, I just don’t remember it. I don’t think that this was a conscious thing that I did but now I realise that I am doing it I have found it is a good method. Sometimes I really don’t remember and that is worrying when this happens. I don’t think my memory was very good ‘before’ so the injury doesn’t help me. It annoys me that people can just use my bad memory as an excuse for not telling me things. Especially if it is something important. If I try to explain it to someone some times I think they are not really listening to me. I have a brain injury, I am not stupid. I found something the other day though that was sent to me by a good friend when I was in the hospital. I looked at it and I can’t remember ever seeing it before. I must of been a really important thing to receive and remember getting. Perhaps at the time I just didn’t realise it was important and just didn’t think to remember it.

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