Over the last few months I have had an urge to find out information about so many things. So for the last few weeks, as I am furloughed, I have been trying to educate myself. Luckily I have a bit of experience finding and looking at articles and finding useful information in them. In my old life I did got a master degree and I really enjoyed this part of the process. Now of cause I don’t have to worry about deadlines to meet or fully understanding what everything means. This makes what I am doing now very enjoyable. I have a thirst for knowledge about why things happened so I have been first learning about brain injury and cardiac arrest. My previous post touches of what I am doing now. Particular things must of happened to me to end up being left with a brain injury when most of cardiac arrests survivors don’t. The first part is to understand the care that was given at home. I am not trying to find out what happened so I can blame someone, there is no one to blame and I am not that kind of person. A few days ago I had another look at the paramedic report and I found something on it that may help me start to understand. I will not share the details but it has made my ‘happy’ to finally be able to start to understand what happened. The paramedic report though is only the start of my knowledge. Like I have said I am now looking at medical journal articles that explain the care after a cardiac arrest. They are weird to read as before when I read journal articles I couldn’t relate what I was reading to me. But now I can relate everything to me. I read all these terms and I frequently have to look on Google to understand the terms I am reading. I can only remotely relate these though. I don’t really know yet if the specific care I was given in the hospital. I am trying to find this out but of course this is hard. I have had to write a letter to my doctor to request my hospital records. Hopefully they will be able to help me. I have started an glossary where I put all the new terms that I have found in the articles. When I do finally get to see my medical records I will be able to understand all the terms in them. Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long.

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