Well at the beginning of this year at work I was made aware that the job that I do would be downgraded. I guess this wasn’t a real surprise to me as the work I do now is completely different to the job I used to do. Work have been so good to me and as my sister says they basically made up a job role for me as I was really able to do the job that I used to do. I am three years in now of my whole life sentence of brain injury and I think that I need to be given the opportunity to try and work my way up again. It, of course, is really hard to do this at the moment as 50% of my time now is WFH and to do the work that would make me upgraded needs to be done whilst AT work. When I talked to HR and my line manager about this at the beginning of the year they were surprised that I wanted to try. I mean my job is very easy at the moment and I don’t have any stresses, which is a good thing. But I think now I would like to do work that is a bit more challenging and tests my brain. I think that they may be a bit worried to ask me to do certain things but I think they need to give me a try and if it doesn’t work out it doesn’t work out. I am not going to flip out, if I have a problem now I will just ask. I feel like they don’t have confidence not just in my ability to do certain things but also in my ‘sanity’. Over the last three years my life was also downgraded. From being a fully independent woman who owned her own house, car and full time job to being downgraded to a woman who has none of these anymore. I has been horrible but in the last year, like at work I am ready to try and upgrade my life. As again with work it won’t be the same but I want to try and if some things don’t work out then that is not a problem. I have a great support network now of family and friends and this is a great help. In my first year of recovery I just thought that things would just get back to normal as with work I had to take baby steps to start with. In the last year I have been able to work my way up and I am doing so many things that my parents never thought I would be able to do at the beginning. Such as reading a book, cooking and recently driving again. Yes, I have been driving and last week I passed my driving assessment and hopefully in the next few months I will get my driving license and independence back which is brillant! Now that my life is upgrading hopefully my job will also be upgrading.