Today is the UK is always Restart a Heart day. It’s main aim is to teach the public not only about the need to learn CPR but also to teach it. Of course this was unknown to me three years ago but it can be said is the only reason that I am here today. A couple of years ago I got the urge to make people aware of how they could save someone’s life. A former friend enabled me to contact a great person at work and for the two previous years over 150 people where I work have learnt how to do CPR. When I think about this it makes me feel really proud. Of course this year we were unable to any sessions but hopefully next year we can do some more. I spoke to someone about this and they said that I need to let the paramedics know that on the night they saved my life they didn’t just save mine but possibly many more. If only one of the 150 have to use the skill they have learnt, then one more person will also be alive today. That’s makes me shiver thinking that. Of course I was extremely lucky that the paramedics were in the room when it happened to me and I don’t think my family would be that knowledgeable to start CPR, of course they would now. If someone goes into a cardiac arrest they are more likely to die than survive as the shocking statistic is than only 8% survive. I think there were so many factors that helped me survive on the night I ‘died’ and the main factor occurred at the beginning. CPR saved my life, learn it if you have the opportunity to and learn where your local defibrillator is as they really help as well.