For the last few years I have noticed that ‘Blue Monday’ is talked about a lot. It is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year for several reasons that I won’t bore you with. Perhaps I have been noticing this new phenomenon as I now am classed as a person who has problems with my mental health. It of course is a good period of time to have these problems as people have become more open about talking about it. Of course some people still find it hard. Whenever you watch a programme on the TV now that touches on a sensitive topic you always get a message after the credits to say if this programme has affected you call this number to get help. I haven’t done this but it does annoy me as it makes it look so easy to get help. I am going to honest about this as I have called the Samaritans a few times in the last three years. I don’t know if it is just me but I do have problems talking to someone on the phone that I don’t know. A couple of the times I called was a waste of time but once I managed to talk to a man who was really helpful. Of course talking to someone at the Samaritans won’t really solve the problem you may be having, especially when the person who picks up the phone doesn’t seem interested or understands your problem. I struggled so much to get the help that I needed. The NHS are great at so many things but there help for mental health problems are terrible. I think I have talked about this a lot previously as I was at a point when the only help I seemed to be getting was, as one lady at Headway calls them, the happy pills I was and still are taking. Even when you get into the system they don’t really want to give you any help. I don’t want to moan but it is the only thing I can do when I think about my experience. Luckily I have found a great counsellor who is helping so much and hopefully won’t have to result in calling the Samaritans again. I do find writing this blog is also really helps as it gets everything out of my head. So going back to Blue Monday. I guess the times we are living into nowadays most days can be seen as being ‘blue’. But in my experience of mental health problems, it is not just one day of the year. Especially without the help that you may need but I feel that I am getting there, is has been really slow but I am getting there.