Over the last few months I have learnt a new skill. It is the remember whenever I am doing something, to look behind me as I always forget something. I guess this is a connected with having a bad working memory. I find this very useful when I am at home and I am going downstairs. Even if I would remember most things to bring with me, I would always forget one thing. It would often be the most important thing such as my bag or coat when I am going out. I would plan everything but I would always forget one thing. There have been several times when I have gotton to a shop and I look in my bag and I have forgotton my purse! I have a couple of chalkboards in my house, at the top and the bottom of my stairs. This has cut down the amount of times I forget things. I sometimes wake up in the night and rememeber something so I get out of bed and write it on may chalkboard. Of course this does not always work. I always say that it is good to have the methods to help you remember to do things but you have to remember to do these things. I think I am getting better at doing this. You just have to keep doing it to remember it. Some times you will remember to look behind and see the thing you have missed and sometimes you will just forget to do this. But I guess this is just what ‘normal’ people do! I am starting to realise this and this helps me to accept it and not get so frustrated when it happens. I suppose it is just double checking when you leave an area. You just have to slow down, look around you and check that you have everything you need. It takes more time but it saves time in the long run if you have forgotten something and you have to go back for it. The problen with working memory is that some of the times you look behind and you have forgotten just what you are doing and it takes time just to remember this. It is hard for people to understand this. I often worry that people wonder what I am doing, turning around and just staring into space. It must look strange. I have got to a point now that I just don’t care what people think, I know what I am doing. Repeating this does help me remember to do it and now I am leaving a room with everything I need, most of the time. If I am fatigued I am not so good. When life is busy there are so many thing that you need to remember to do, and how to do it. Writing a list is good as well and when I remember to I do. We all carry our phones around everywhere nowadays and I have found the notes on my phone helps with lists and you can pay on your phone as well which helps when you have forgotten your purse. Of course forgetting my phone is one of the main things that I do. Even when I look behind I forget what I am doing so I don’t remeber what I need. That is the working memory problem again. I just need to remember to remember.