I was never one to go to the gym. I suppose I always used the excuse of not needing to as I was not overweight. People think that the only reason for going to the gym was to lose weight but I have been learning that it can do much more than that. I would also use the excuse of not being able to do gym work as I have certain medical aches and pains that would make it painful to do gym work. That was until a few months ago and a physiotherapist kept saying that I needed to build up my core strength and the best place to do this was going to a gym. He did admit that he was a big gym lover but he was really genuine.  So I did a bit of research and found a gym close to where I live, being able to drive now makes doing this so much easier and accessible.  Of course I didn’t realise all the hoops I had to jump through to get permission to just join the gym.  I had to get a letter from my GP who had to ask my hospital doctor to give me permission.  I got a letter, but I had to pay for it of course.  So it took me a while but I was eventually allowed to attend the gym and I love it!  I decided to fork out some money and paid for a personal trainer as I didn’t really know what I needed to do when I was there.  The hospital said that I could only really do strengthening exercises so we started off pretty slowly but over the last couple to months we have increased what I have been doing and I am really finding a benefit in going.  I think when you start something like this you really need someone to help you and the one to one input means that I am doing not just the right exercises but that I am also doing them correctly.  Of course during the first few weeks my body ached so much but my PT said that this is normal as I was just waking up my muscles.  I guess having my own PT really helped as if I was doing it on my own I would have stopped as I would think that I was doing damage to my body.  I guess that is the remit of a personal trainer, to keep their client progressing.  I am also lucky as the gym I go to has a separate ladies gym.  I don’t mind doing my sessions with the main gym as she tells me what to do and how to use the machines.  When I am on my own I use the ladies gym where I feel more confident using the smaller machines.  I am not using the PT at the moment but I am still regularly going to the gym.  I have been told that I should really go three times a week but I try to go at least twice.  I am really enjoying going to the gym and I don’t ache so much anymore!  Of course it is not cheap, especially when you have a PT but I think the money so far is really worth every penny.  I have noticed that my core strength has improved.  When I am out with my niece and she wants me to climb, run or even just pick her up it is so much easier.  Core strength is so important as it is important for the lower body part and has helped with my balance.  I always thought that I had problems with my balance because of my brain injury but I think it is now connected with my core strength. About 30 years ago before my body started going wrong, I loved to go out running.  When I got arthritis I thought I wouldn’t be able to do this again but I can now jog on the treadmill for 10 minutes.  That just makes me feel great and of course it is great for my health.  Of course I don’t have the power to make people see the way I do now about gyms, but I think the one I go to is great and would highly recommend going to one.