I saw my Aunt last year which was the first time I had seen her after I was ill. We gave each other a big hug and she called me a wonder woman. It felt really weird that she said this to me, but quite proud to be thought of in this way. I have been thinking about this and it is hard for me to really think of myself in this way. I have said before that it is hard for me to really understand what happened to me. I know what happened but I don’t think that I consciously experienced it. When I am at Headway each week I feel like I am surrounded by women that can be classed as wonder women. We all have brain injuries but have different ways of acquiring them. Some have had strokes, some brain tumours, some have had infections or suffer from epilepsy. All of these medical conditions are emergencies and life threatening. I am not sure if we all realise at times what we went through and like my last post has said, how bad it could have been. The ladies at Headway have an advantage over me though as they can remember what happened to them. They can remember what happened to them and the fight they had to stay alive. I don’t have these memories so I don’t really feel like I have done anything special. When I was told what happened to me I just laughed as I didn’t feel unwell. All the bad things had happened to me. I have been told that I don’t really want to know but it is hard for them to understand.  I think a lot of the time when someone becomes unwell a fire seems to ignite behind them and this can cause them to fight and in some cases fight for their life.  You think that it must be hard and sometimes it really is.  You never plan to  be ill so when it happens it is the support from those around you, who are also playing blind, that give you the strength and courage to move forward.  I have been very lucky as they have all these supportive people who have all been there for me.  The ladies I see every week at Headway have also been so lucky.  Of course we also support each other as well.  We all agree that it is the most important part of the week.  We can be all our own weird selves with no questions or embarrassments.  Also, we don’t forget that we are all wonder women.