I didn’t realise it until this week that I had lost my sense of smell.  I only know it now because it has come back.  Unfortunately it has come back big time.  It was last week in the evening and I was convinced that there  was someone in the kitchen cooking something.  I knew this wasn’t possible as it was 9pm and that would be strange.  Well for most people.  For the last week I can smell absolutely everything.  That doesn’t sound bad but when you haven’t smelt anything for over a year my brain is on overload.  It is so hard to describe it is like every smell is ten times more than it should be.  I guess my brain just has to get used to all these smells again.  I imagine that a baby must go through this, it is probably why they cry so much.  If I could cry perhaps I would.  I need to ask someone about this but there is no one.  Of course I could Google it but it is not the same.  The person who I want to ask would just say it is normal but it is not normal to me, it’s weird.

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