All the time I think about things I want to write in my blog but when it comes down to it I have forgotten.  I know I should write it down but I just don’t.  So the only thing I can think about at the moment is something I did with one of the volunteers at Headway today.   It was about the lack of insight after a brain injury.  Like with most things now I am realising that the lack of insight can cause many problems.  The main thing about insight for me is the loss of realisatation of how my actions can affect others.  I say I have become more confident after my brain injury but is it just my lack of insight.  Before I would have been too nervous, for example, to stand up in the VC’s annual meeting and question him about the mental health of staff!  Looking at it in that way it is good but I could have stood up and shouted at him and that would of been bad.  I don’t want to use my brain injury as an excuse for things I might do, but it can explain it.  Now I realise that this can cause problems, I know that I have to take care with what I say.   I may say something that is inappropriate and not realise it.  Thinking about this worries me because I may go the other way and shut down with a fear of saying the wrong thing.  Luckily for me at the moment I can’t stop talking, or typing!

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