This is another great thing that I have learn’t about at Headway. It helps me understand the ‘slow not stupid’ thing I like to say now. It helps to describe why people with a brain injury need a bit more time to process information. Think about driving to work one day and there is a road closure or a hold up in the traffic. To get to the place that you want to you have to go a different way, use a back street. It will take longer to get to and be much harder but you eventually get there. When you have a brain injury, the ‘roads’ in your brain aren’t always open, they are damaged, you need to find other ways to find where the information is. It is no longer a straight route to find this information. You may have to try different ways before you find the information you are looking for. It is in there somewhere, you just have to find it. That is why you are slow, not stupid.

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