I am so excited. Last night I looked at my bank account and was surprised when I saw that large amount of money had been paid into it. It was a very large amount. Today I found out that I had been awarded the PIP benefit. I have heard that is very hard to get so it has blown my mind. My social worker was great as he helped fill in the form and I don’t think I would have got it without him. Unfortunately he has gone to work somewhere else so I can’t thank him. I would never have thought about asking for any benefit so I was lucky that he was so good. I also had some good things that a few people had written about me which I think also helped. It took quite a long time to come through so they have backdated it which explains the large amount of money in my bank. I seem to have been awarded a high level as well and will help fill the gap in income that I will have now. I have been so lucky to have had good people to advise me over the last year. Unfortunately not everyone doesn’t get this help and gets nothing. Just watched a bit on the news about people not getting PIP. It makes me feel that I must be really bad to get it as people more deserving aren’t getting it. I know it is not my fight but is is not right.

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