I would say all the time that I am recovering from a brain injury but you don’t fully recover from a brain injury. Your brain is injured, it can get better but is is never the same again. I guess it is kind of an acceptance thing again. You have to accept it before moving on. A lady in the street said hello to me the other day. She recognised me and asked me how I was getting on. She is a friend of my sister but I didn’t recognise her. When I asked my sister who she was she said that she would tell me something that happened with her. Her brother-in-law was in intensive care the same time I was in there. He had had a cardiac arrest and was in a coma just like me. Unfortunately it didn’t not work out like it did for me and he died, whilst my parents were there. It must have been awful for them to see it and it just makes me think that I was so lucky. I am recovering and these stories in a way do help me. I am recovering from what happened to me but are my family and friends having to go through recovery too? It was awful for me but at least I don’t remember it. I am the lucky one.

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