I was sitting at my desk at work today and thinking about all to bad things now and getting a bit low. The bad thing I was thinking about is nothing that I can change. Someone said to me a while ago when I was thinking about bad things and worrying – if you can’t do anything about it then there is no use worrying about it. It was good advice. So today when I was thinking about the bad thing I said to myself, think about the good things now as there are alot of good things to think about. I am a bit of a note taker now so I need to find one of my many notebooks that I have brought and write some things down. Perhaps I need to get someone to help me with this but I will give it a go. Some of the things that I used to think were bad, and they were, are not so bad now. Such as the ‘evil’ bus. When you get used to them they just don’t seem so bad.

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