I spoke to a psychologist the other day, it was great talking to her as really got me. It is crazy that I had to wait six months to speak to her, that is not an exaggeration as it is probably longer. There is a lack of support, you just have to pay for it. It was great to talk and she said that it seems at the moment I am in limbo. It is a great way to describe how I feel at the moment. I am in limbo stuck between my old and my new life. She just asked the right questions and it made me realise that I am stuck and not ready yet to move forward. She asked me why this is and after a bit more talking I realised that I am afraid to try things as I am anxious of failure. The two things that I tried didn’t work out. It is just easier for me not to try then I can’t fail. The psychologist is unsure which kind of help I need and she needs to consult her colleagues. She also said I will be put on another waiting list. I guess I will have to stay in limbo for a while longer.

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