I have always loved cooking. I think I even have a GCSE for it! Before I was unwell I really only cooked for special occasions. I used to make my own bread. It was something that always used to do at the weekend. I loved cooking and found it really easy to do. But of course now this has changed. It is frustrating as I can’t remember the recipes I used and when I try to cooks things they just don’t work out the same. I have loads of recipe books and recipes that I have picked up from magazines or shops and have I them in a big folder. Today I had a look through them and found lots of things I would like to cook. Recently I have been trying to eat new things. I have quite a poor appetite and think that I should try to eat different things. I am going to follow this up in my cooking and find some new things to cook. It is exciting to do this. I also need to get back into food shopping again. I get so overwhelmed in supermarkets with the selection they have. I may try online shopping as I guess it will be easier to just look at the recipe and buy what I need. I just need to remember how to cook. Feel like a new starter again.

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