When you are a child you learn how to do things. Learn how to read, learn how to write and learn how to do maths. When you have a brain injury you often have to relearn all these skills. I didn’t have a problem with reading. I can read something that is quite small in size but a large piece of text can be hard as lots of cognitive skills are require – concentration, attention and memory. This is probably why all of my blog posts are short and sweet. Anything longer would be hard for me to concentrate on and I guess if anyone with a brain injury is reading this, it helps them too. My spelling has also been atrocious – I had to Google this word it spell it right! Longer words are easier to spell, I guess there are more letters to sound out, it is the smaller words that are harder. Like the word ‘of’ it doesn’t spell like it sounds and it often confuses me. Spell check on your phone really helps. My main problem is with maths. I have relearned how to do addition and subtraction quite easily but multiplication and division is harder. I am lucky as Headway have worked with me to help with these and I get homework now to do every week. I really enjoy this relearning and have brought lots of children maths books that I can do at home. It’s feels like being at school again but it’s great.

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