I haven’t been feeling great for few weeks and I talked to someone today and it helped me realise why. For the last two years around this time it has been a really bad time for me. Two years ago was really bad and last year was quite bad too. I don’t think I have been sitting worrying about what happened as I can’t change anything. I guess I am just a bit worried that this year something will happen again. I guess it is like I said last week, if you can’t do anything about a worry then don’t worry about it. Well I can do something about this worry, well I think I can. I see a great counsellor now and I can talk to her about anything. It is so much easier to talk to someone who is impartial to your life as you can tell them anything. I guess I am just worried that something is going to happen again but I can’t be that unlucky can I? I wish I could just click a switch in my head to turn off all these memories but I know it is not possible. Perhaps I need to try and make good memories for this time so in the future I will not remember all the bad things that happened and just have good memories to remember. I need to think of some good things to do.

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