I love the film The Greatest Showman and have watched it many times in the last year. It is an uplifting film and when I finish watching it I feel good inside. The song ‘This is me’ is something that I discovered around this time last year when I was struggling with things, getting used to the new me. I talked to my counsellor about this a few weeks ago. I am feel like I am a different person to who I was two years ago. A lot of people who suffer a brain injury lose their confidence but I am the opposite. When I said this to my counsellor she said I haven’t changed. The confidence was always in me but I was suppressing it. Of course there must of been a reason for this and we talked about that. When I had my brain injury the wall that I had built up to protect me and hid my confidence was not there anymore. Of course now I remember why this wall was built up and I will not let it happen again. I liked the old me, well I think I did. I like the new me more. Life is hard but the new confidence I have makes it easier to cope with it. The old me would never have thought about writing about all my feelings in a blog. It would have all been in my head. Going back to the Greatest Showman. I recommend if you are feeling a bit sad watch the YouTube video of Keala Settle singing ‘This is Me’. It helped me get through the bad times last year, it is great. Some may say that only a person with a mental health problem would say that!

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