I was talking today about this time of year. Two years ago in September a really bad thing happened to me. All last year as September was approaching a sense of dread was building up inside of me. I didn’t cope with it very well last year. Tomorrow it is September and I have a feeling of dread again. It is not a bad as last year but I just can’t wait for the month to be over again. The person who I was talking about it too today says that it is not uncommon to feel like this, to dread a particular time of year. It was good to hear this but it doesn’t really help stop the dread. To try and counteract the bad things I am trying to make this September a good month to remember. I just want to go to sleep tonight and wake up again at the beginning of October. When I make it through this month at least I have my birthday to celebrate at the end. As my memory rests but never forgets what I lost, wake me up when September ends.

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