Before I was unwell I didn’t really do much exercise. Over the years I would use an exercise bike and go walking which is good exercise. I can’t remember why, probably as I felt my stomach was getting a bit flabby, I started hula hooping. I loved doing it and over time I increased the amount of time every night that I would do it. I would be in my living room every night, put my headphones on and hula hoop for about 20 minutes. I can’t remember if lost weight. I didn’t need to so I probably didn’t check. It is strange that I don’t remember this. I have a playlist still on my phone that I remember listening to each night when I hula hooped. Over the last year I have thought about starting it again and I realised that my hula hoop was missing. I don’t need to loose weight, I say that a heart attack is a good way to loose weight but I wouldn’t recommend it! I have been told though, by my family that I can’t do it again and they have thrown my hula hoop away. On the night of my heart attack I was a bit stressed and have been told that I was hula hooping vigorously, I have no memory of this night. The doctors have said that this is probably not the reason why it happened but despite this I am no longer allowed to hula hoop again. I feel like a child. Today I saw someone hula hooping and it made me feel very uneasy. Perhaps subconsciously I do remember.

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