Everyday I sit at work and think about the last two years. What has happened to me and the improvements I have made. One thing starts me thinking. It is a bit strange but when I think about it is makes me happy as it shows me that things are getting better. When I was at school I learnt to touch type and it has helped me a lot over the years and I use this skill everyday when I am at work. The thing is that when I was first recovering I just couldn’t touch type. I know this is a strange thing to write, or type about but now I can do it again. I am not as fast as I used to be and my poor spelling ability now does slow me down. I know what I want to type but it takes my brain more time to remember how to type and spell it. Slowly I am getting better at it and everyday I think about this and it makes me smile. I know I did the MOCA test last week and it showed the improvement but this shows it more to me. For some unknown reason the tips of two of my fingers are numb so typing with these two fingers is hard. I have learnt to slow down as it is not worth rushing things as you just make more mistakes. I need just a bit more time to process things in my head. Of course I don’t always remember this and I get frustrated. I have noticed that I am pretty slow at walking and I think this is another thing that I have to concentrate more on to get it right. I think about every step in my head so it slows me down. If I rush I just lose my balance. Before my brain injury things were just natural, I just did them without thinking. But now I have to think about things more to make sure I get them right. I know people understand if I make mistakes but I don’t understand it. I know I am just being hard on myself but perhaps this is good as it motivates me to try harder.

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