When I talk about memory problems after brain injury it is usually related to problems that I have with working and short term memory. I still have a problem with these. I wanted to write about problems I am having with long term memories. They are no problems in me remembering them. Sometimes I feel that people just think I just don’t remember a long term memory when actually it never happened. This can be very annoying. I don’t feel like I have any problems with my long term memory. I may have forgotten something I have done in the past but when someone reminds me of it the memory comes back. I just don’t like it one some one insists I should have a memory of doing something that I know I have never done. I see that they are thinking, oh she doesn’t remember and that really annoys me. There is look that they give. A couple of weeks ago I went to a place on holiday and my sister insisted that I had been there before. When we got there I was 100% certain that I had never been there. I know that if I had been there I would of remembered it when we go there but there was just no memory. Of course she gave me the look but it was easier just to say nothing. A friend a while ago insisted that I had read a certain book that I know I had never read. When she showed me the book no memories were jogged in my head. I didn’t get the look but I just felt that they were just thinking she doesn’t remember. Like I say I don’t have a problem with my long term memories all the past memories are in there but the sometimes need help getting out. The long term memory that I really want to remember is just not there. It the most important memory, I know it happened but it is just not there and it is so annoying.

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