I think everyone likes to watch TV, I certainly do. There were programmes that I loved watching and would never miss an episode. There was one show in particular that I really loved. It was quite gory and a lot of people would say that they couldn’t watch it. I did think that I would just go back to watching it again and loving it. But when I tried I only lasted about 10 minutes. I could see what people were saying, it was pretty horrible to watch. I don’t really understand why I feel like this now. How could I just change and not like watching a programme that I loved. I guess it is down to the billion neurons floating around in my brain. They have just decided that they like different things now. They used to like American crime dramas, awful things happening to people. I guess in my head I think that something really awful has happened to me and seeing this happening to other people is hard to watch, even if it is just fictional. I watch a lot of medical dramas now and it seems strange as I like watching these. I guess it is the opposite to watching a crime drama which usually starts with someone dying. In medical dramas you see people being healed. I have found a couple of medical dramas which are new which make it easier to watch as the characters are just being introduced so it is easier to follow what is going on as there is not yet a back story. There is a new crime drama that I do watch now that is not too gory. I don’t miss watching the gory one but I miss watching the hunky guy who was in it!

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