I love Tuesday’s as it is Headway day. It is the time of the week when I can talk to people who are in a similar situation to me. There is no one there on the day I go who have a cardiac arrest but we all have brain injuries. It doesn’t matter what type we have. It makes you feel normal, we are all the same not like people in our ‘normal’ lives. They just get it. We understand that the problems that we have just don’t just go away after a few weeks, months and years. They are permanent. People in our lives often move on and get interested in other things. I try not to go on about my injury all the time but it is still there. I find it easier to try not to talk about it as I think it might make people bored with me. I have a great counsellor now that I can talk about this to so it is OK. I do think though that the the counsellor get bored with me going on about it all the time! But I guess I pay her to listen. I have found that brain injury survivors are the only people though who really get it. That is why Headway is so valuable to me. Just one day a week I can just be around my new peer group who just understand. You are not embarrassed to say anything in the group. We can say silly things and just laugh. We can just listen and not be judgemental. I have found that family and friends can sometimes give their opinion, which is great but it is the answer from a non injured brain. Another thing that is great is the brain injury education that we do. They try to make us experts in our own brain injury. I find that when I am thinking about a particular problem that I may be having, they seem to cover it in a session, it is like they can read my mind. Or perhaps they read my blog! These sessions also highlight problem that I might have. Without these sessions I may not have realised I had these problems. The volunteers are great too, they understand that we may need help and we don’t feel stupid asking for it. I love Tuesday’s as it is Headway day and I am so grateful that I have it to go to.

One thought on “Headway day!

  1. Here here I just agree with all you say I love headway day too x
    Amazing friends who just don’t judge or expect anything who are open and make you feel at home and at ease about the hardest things and amazing staff and helpers who offer the most incredible support and just know how to get the messages through when a doctor or specialist can’t or don’t have time they support all you can do and give such a positive environment and assistance to
    Manage outside headway day is certainly a good day c

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