Well this is definitely the hot topic at the moment. Everything seems to be shutting down and adjusting to the new rules that have been forced onto us. It is not until you turn on the TV that you realise it is really serious and I don’t just mean the news. OK, I have been working from home but the TV has been turned off for my key four and a half working hours. Anything that is live now, everyone has a certain distance between each over. Perhaps they are just using the TV to show to everyone that this is how it should be done. Well it is working with me. I don’t really have many people that I need to social distance from. The fact is that they should be distancing themselves from me. I have only had one day of WFH but I already feel distanced from everyday life. I guess in the next few weeks when more and more people have to become distanced it will become more normal. I feel that the last two and the half years I have been spending a lot of time trying to get used to my new normal and just when I am, the normal is changing again. I have built up a few areas of support but I am worried that social distancing will cut these off and it will get hard again. I have written about Headway day and I am worried that the most important day of the week will be taken away from me. Will my counselor think that we need to social distance. I went to the doctors surgery today to ask them about the new telephone appointments they were doing. I thought I would be able to walk in and ask my question. I had to ring on a bell on the door outside and then talk to a receptionist through a window. I got all the information I needed, basically all appointments have been cancelled, but it was weird. Is this a new weird that we have to get used to. I guess we are lucky that we live in a world now where even though we may be physically distanced from each other, we can still connect electronically. Headway will still be there and I have been told that sessions will be held via Zoom. I don’t know what this is but it is good to learn about new things. I can email my counselor for any help and even though my doctors appointment has been cancelled, telephone appointments are available. I understand why social distancing is happening and why it is necessary but I think it is going to be hard for many.

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