Today it is Mother’s Day, a day when we can spoil our Mum’s and let them know how much we love them. It is a bit different this year as we have to be careful around older parents. I guess I am lucky as I live with my parents and we are socially distancing with each other. It would of been lovely to of gone out and do our regular Mother’s Day celebration which usually was based around having a cream tea somewhere and pigging out on cakes and sandwiches. We were going to try and do one at home but even that was not possible. Our family ended up sitting in the garden at a distance from each other. We did eat some cake which I had made in the morning. This was a nice thing for me to do as I hadn’t done any cake making recently and it was nice to have a go at it again. They tasted really nice. Hopefully next year we can carry on the tradition. Although we have a single day every year to celebrate our Mum’s it doesn’t mean that the rest of the year we can’t show our love. Over the last two and half years my Mum has been amazing and I don’t think I could of made such a recovery without her love and patience. Last month she gave me something that she had made for me which is a picture with hearts. At the back she has written, ‘Love gives you hope’. When I was ill in hospital she would come to the ward every day and she would pass a painting and on it was this phrase. Each day she would come to me and whisper in my ear that she loves me. I have no memory of this of course but I feel that the love of my Mum helped me to recover. We never used to say I love you to each other but we say it all the time now. I guess you don’t realise that how this important this could be until something awful happens. So I love you Mum, Happy Mother’s Day.

One thought on “Happy Mother's Day

  1. That’s so lovely 😊 and your right social distancing , unable to get to our mums , mums that have passed they are always there in our hearts 💕 and every day is a ‘remember Mother’s ‘ Day in some way . Mums are special and my Mum will say worth the double celebration next year 😁 x

    Ps I still don’t see any replies you may send to comments?


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