I have been told that one of the things that I needed to relearn when I was recovering was walking. I don’t know if it caused by the brain injury or just the weakness in my body after being in bed for so long. I guess it was a bit of both. I remember there is a long corridor in the hospital and I remember every night my Dad would wheel me down in the wheelchair and I would get out and walk down the corridor. It just seemed normal to me but I guess it wasn’t. When I got home my Dad and I went out every night and went for a walk and I guess I built up my strength. I think I always liked to walk but it was unusual to want to go out in the dark every night for walk. It was also in the middle of a very cold winter. My Dad hates the cold but he went out every night without question. That makes me smile now when I think about it. I always loved to walk and when I used to get a lunch break at work I used to go out, put my headphones and go for a walk. It is good exercise and easy to do. When I walked around where I lived I would always say morning or hello and give a smile. This was mainly replicated. That was in the ‘olden’ days, well last month. Now we are in lockdown everyone seems to be out walking. It is helped by the nice weather. It is funny as everyone is social distancing but we all seem to smile and laugh when we are doing this which is a bit strange. I guess for some it is bit of a novelty going for a walk, getting out for a walk. But will we all think the same in a few weeks when the novelty wears off and the weather is not so good.

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