You hear it all the time, this is the new normal. It is a new phrase that people say but I have been saying it for a long time. I have been adjusting to my new normal for a while now. For the last couple of weeks everybody’s lives have been changing as we adjust to things such as social distancing and isolation. Our day to day lives are full of routines that we follow and don’t really realise. Since my brain injury I have found these to be very important to help me remember things and to do things correctly. All of the new routines that I have slowly built up of the last couple of years and have lessen my worries now seem to of been thrown out the window and I feel a bit lost again. My family have noticed that I am more forgetful and get worked up about simple things. I have noticed this as well and it just adds to the worry. I am trying not to use the word anxious as I don’t like this word! What makes it easier this time around is that I now recognise that things have changed and this means I have to adjust. The first time when I was getting used to the new normal, I didn’t know that I had to do it and this made it harder and I struggled with my mental health. I don’t think the adjustment will be as hard now but we will have to wait and see. I guess it is good that I can not only talk about these worries now, I can write about them in my blog and this helps to get it out of my head. Headway has really helped me with the adjustment to my new normal along with the counsellor that I see. The only problem again with this is that Headway has gone virtual so I don’t have that weekly get together with like minded people. It is harder to talk about personal things in a virtual group as you don’t know who is listening. When you hear the term getting used to the new normal, think of the people who may be having to get used to a new new normal. It may be hard for you but it may doubly hard for them to do.

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