This is a part of my new new normal.  We don’t go out to work anymore, we have to work from home.  Before things changed this was becoming common to many people.  Once a week they would work from home. Actually it was mainly the managers who would do it, the lower paid had to come into work everyday.  Going into work everyday is not a bad thing to do. Working from home is very solitary existence. We are lucky to live in the twenty first century though as there are many ways to keep in contact with our colleagues and friends at work.  Last week I did several video chats which I would always avoid doing. I always make sure that every morning I get up at the same time and get dressed and even put some make up on. The days when I haven’t put make up on I may look in the mirror and I am shocked, so even though I don’t need to put it on it makes me feel like I am still making the same effort.  Someone may also want an impromptu video chat and I have to look acceptable! The most annoying thing about working from home is that nothing works the same and that is very frustrating. I am not very good anymore at learning new things, I can learn but I am a bit slower than usual. I do realise this but it doesn’t stop me getting so angry when something goes wrong after I have done something stupid.  I say to people just give me a bit more time but I don’t seem to be able to do this to myself. Unfortunately WFH is part of most peoples life now and I guess it is just something we all have to get used to.

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