I have been trying to think of something interesting to write about but everything seems so boring. Why would you want to read some thing that has no meaning. I think the problem is that over the last couple of years things have been pretty busy and interesting and now that seems to of come to an end. It is weird to say it but I am really bored. I guess that may be how most people are feeling at the moment as there is not much to do. I can’t remember feeling bored before and I don’t think I like it. Things are weird now but I think I would be getting used to it. When I think about it am I really bored or am I just not bothered to do things. I think it is three months in lock down now and I am getting bored with the things I have been doing everyday. Everything is just so samey. I want to go out on my own somewhere and do something. I have never been a big one to shop and I don’t think I could queue outside a shop now just to go inside but it would be nice to have a wander round and see different things. I think what I am doing at work is a bit boring now. My work is quite repetitive but easy to do at home. Perhaps I need to find something that will challenge me. I guess getting bored is in part a symptom of having low motivation. I have been feeling so tired over the last week and this doesn’t help with motivation. I think when lock down first happened every thing was new and ‘exciting’ but I guess now this has changed and I am just waiting for it to be ‘normal’ again. I need to try and find some things that will motivate me to do things. My lady at Headway asked me it I had a list of things to do. Of course I don’t but I suppose when I think of something I should write it down so I don’t forget it. Start with small easy things and this should motivate me to do more and to stop me being bored.

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