Getting bored

I have been trying to think of something interesting to write about but everything seems so boring. Why would you want to read some thing that has no meaning. I think the problem is that over the last couple of years things have been pretty busy and interesting and now that seems to of come … Continue reading Getting bored


I have only realised recently that I am a perfectionist. Maybe it was more apparent to people around my but I didn't recognise it myself. I think I only really noticed when I started not to be so 'perfect'. Someone said that I had created a life that was not challenging and this made me … Continue reading Perfectionist


It might seem crazy what I am about to say but I am really happy! Sorry to steal the words of a much loved song but I am really feeling happy at the moment. I realised this when I woke up the other day. Some times when I am laying in bed I would close … Continue reading Happy

Brain fog

A person contacted me a few weeks ago to talk to me about brain injury and they mentioned the term 'brain fog'. I was asked if I ever got this but I was a bit unsure about what it really meant. I have been thinking about it and I probably wouldn't describe it as brain … Continue reading Brain fog