Brain fog

A person contacted me a few weeks ago to talk to me about brain injury and they mentioned the term 'brain fog'. I was asked if I ever got this but I was a bit unsure about what it really meant. I have been thinking about it and I probably wouldn't describe it as brain … Continue reading Brain fog


I never like watching the adverts on the TV. We are lucky nowadays as our TV's allow us to fast forward through them. This only works if you are watching a recording or catch up but that is what I do most of the time nowadays. I am surprised though at how the ads have … Continue reading Adverts

Staying safe

This is the new mantra that you hear all the time. I think it has taken over from 'take care' although some people say both. I am not moaning about people saying it, it's the opposite. It is showing what a great nation and great world we are. We are joing together and staying safe. … Continue reading Staying safe